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At HCI we believe in using personality assessments for selection, individual coaching, and team building. Assessing emotional intelligence is also critical in the coaching and team building process. HCI is not an assessment vendor because we believe in working with clients to select the appropriate tools for the appropriate situations and environments, so as to best meet client needs.

Hiring for Personality

When the right personality assessment is used in the right situation, research shows that you will be more likely to select employees who: perform better, work well with others, cause less disruption, have leadership potential, and "fit" well within your organization. In addition, making a good hiring decision is the first step in bolstering retention. Higher retention translates to less time fighting in the trenches to put bodies in seats. The result is less time and money spent on cycling employees in-and-out of your organization.

Building Team Self-awareness Through Introspection

Being a strong team player requires a keen sense of the self. An individual's strengths, style, and natural inclinations are all a part of the communication process. Understanding one's personality is the foundation of self-awareness. Self-awareness allows individual team members to better understand how they project themselves towards others and how others may react to them.

Emotional intelligence is also critical in team communication. Understanding perspective, controlling emotions, and attentiveness to cues are all elements of human interaction that can impact the outcome of an exchange. Assessing and discussing emotional intelligence helps to create self-awareness and ultimately better communication.

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