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Recruitment and selection is a two-way process. Both candidate and employer come to the table with expectations and offerings. The interaction of the two is vital to the determination of fit. At HCI we believe that managing this interaction is key to successfully attracting and selecting the right talent.

The HCI Selection Model
Culture and Fit: In order to attract top level candidates whose values, philosophies, and ambitions are consistent with those of your organization, you must consider the influence of your organization's culture!

According to Attraction-Selection-Attrition Theory or ASA (Schneider, 1987) individuals are attracted to, and typically selected by, those organizations who share their own values, philosophies, and ambitions. However, they must know you exist before they can find you! Organizations that brand and market themselves effectively are able to attract candidates who share their vision and fit their culture.

Candidate Needs

HCI Intercative Model of

Recruitment and Selection

Value Proposition: "What's in it for me?" Before making any kind of substantial commitment, any diligent individual will ask this simple question and reasonably so! As an employer of choice it is up to you to market the value of your organization! Market and brand strategy shouldn't just be targeted towards customers, but also towards prospective employees! If those within your organization aren't believers, how are they going to convince the world at large!

Opportunity & Career Growth: Top level candidates are ambitious and thrive on learning! To successfully attract dedicated learners, your organization must provide a clearly defined path for growth and a means for employees to manage this journey. This is best achieved through competency modeling.

Employer Needs
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs): Every position requires a certain level of competence. In order to determine specific talent needs, organizations must take care in assessing (through job analysis) the level of competence necessary to successfully fulfill the requirements of the position. This can be accomplished through the use of such techniques as: skills tests, role play simulations, and structured behavioral interviewing.  
Attributes for Success: KSAs alone don't give the full picture of success. Such factors as intelligence, personality, and past experience are critical factors that contribute to how effectively one applies their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. These factors also contribute to the capacity to learn. There are certain competencies that you select for and certain competencies you train. There are a number of strategies for assessing attributes: personality assessments, cognitive ability tests, and emotional intelligence tests.

Just as yellow and blue combine to manifest as green, so to does the convergence of candidate and employee needs combine to create potential for success. Effective recruitment and selection is indeed a two-way street!
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