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At HCI we believe in partnering with managers and executives to build leadership skill, develop managerial competence, and create stronger work relationships. Successful business leadership is about self-awareness, communication, and relationships.

The coaching session provides a safe and confidential environment where thoughts, ideas, and concerns can be openly discussed and solutions developed jointly. Our aim is to develop stronger, more efficient, and more productive leaders who are better equipped to lead and work through others.

Coaching Model
The focus of an HCI coach is to work with business leaders in dealing with the challenges of managing and leading by facilitating thoughtful decision making and creative problem solving. HCI coaches accomplish this though:

Assessing Personality and Leadership Style
Building Self Awareness
Developing Communication Skill
Creating a Roadmap for Success

HCI coaches use a variety of assessments in the initial phases of coaching in order to assess strengths and build self-awareness. These may include:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II (Form Q)
California Psychological Inventory-(CPI-260)

Coaching Executives
and Leadership Teams
An executive must think like a choreographer. Executives must set the tone, structure the environment, generate momentum, and make the critical decisions that allow for successful execution. HCI coaches work with executives on the following areas:
Developing leadership style
Recognizing derailers
Strategic thinking
Creating opportunities
Cultivating managerial talent
Having critical conversations
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