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Driving Engagement and Culture  

Engaging Employees in Uncertain Times
The current economic environment has created a level of uncertainty that has spread fear and panic across the American workforce. With no clear end in sight, organizations looking to thrive during these uncertain times must find ways to engage their workforce and focus on creating certainty through deliberate planning and communication.

At HCI we can assist your organization by facilitating:  

Employee Engagement Assessments/Surveys
Employee Engagement Strategy/Planning
Team/Group Engagement Brainstorming Sessions

Driving Culture Through Leadership

Key to employee engagement and organizational success is culture. The culture of an organization is the values, philosophies, norms, and traditions that are ingrained in the members of an organization. Culture is created by leadership and sustained by the organization's members. Thus, culture is driven by the connection that the organization's members have with the leadership team.

The strength of this connection is what determines the sustainability of the organization's culture and ultimately the growth and sustainability of performance. As leaders it is up to you to set the direction, create the environment, and bring-on the right people.

At HCI we can help you keep your finger on the pulse through:  

Taking stock of who you are and who you want to be
Identifying and communicating values, philosophies, and mission
Focusing on organizational strengths
Developing a plan for driving culture


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